Sunday May 15th, 2016. Midday to 5pm
Open Gardens
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To ensure you have a great day at the Heatons Open Gardens, please always keep in mind the following:


Entry is by programme only, which are limited in numbers. Any remaining ones will be available at the gardens on the day.


Remember you are entering peoples’ homes - treat them with care and respect.


Do not ask to use toilets unless it is clearly indicated that they are available.


Keep to the designated garden area only.


Wear appropriate footwear - pointed heels will damage a lawn!


Keep children well supervised at all times.


Take care - a garden contains a number of hazards, e.g. uneven and slippery surfaces, water and tools, poisonous plants and sharp thorns. Take extreme care when near open water.


Please do not bring dogs into

the gardens.



Above all - enjoy the day!